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RingSide To Take Up Temporary Residence in Fox Tower

Nob Hill steakhouse RingSide, one of Portland's longest-running and most-family-held establishments, will be temporarily closing down their Burnside location, undergoing tons of renovations, and holding court in the Mezzanine space of downtown's Fox Tower, overlooking Director Park. Discovered at the bizarrest press conference of all time--three journalists, an entire kobe tenderloin, and the whole Peterson family were in attendance--is the news that they're closing the Burnside kitchen on May 13th, opening at Fox Tower on May 25th, and then reopening back at Burnside, with an extra 500 square feet of dining room and another 2,000 of kitchen, not to mention a 500-square-foot wine cellar, in January 2011. Answering the unasked--but intriguing--question of whether this means a permanent home for RingSide, owner Craig Peterson said: "The focus is on getting our restaurant remodeled and on getting ourselves back home." Developing...
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805 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205