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Bizarrest-Sounding Press Conference TK Today

Image of RingSide courtesy <a href="http://www.portlandurbanpages.com/categories/arts/by-neighborhood/northwest">Portland Urban Pages</a>
Image of RingSide courtesy Portland Urban Pages

An email inviting whoever was interested in showing up landed in Eater's inbox at 2:17 am last night--nothing like the professional booty text, right?--announcing that Ringside (or RingSide, it's spelled both ways in the release) would be having a press conference, today, at a redacted location, to "make a major announcement concerning the remodel and relocation of the venerable West Burnside restaurant."


"This press conference will resolve rumors regarding the possible closing of the landmark RingSide Steakhouse West Burnside location during a remodel. Rumors also have been swirling regarding the plans for the restaurant space on the mezzanine level of the Fox Tower currently empty restaurant space."

Resolving rumors? Empty restaurant space? Light refreshments will be served? On it like white on rice. Full and post-event details coming this afternoon...
·Ringside Steakhouse [Official Site]

2165 West Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97210