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Oscars + Happy Hour + Prizes = Sunday Night at Saucebox

Finishing up the week in true Bruce Carey Day style, the word that Saucebox will be hosting an all-day happy hour + Oscar-watching party on Sunday. They're gonna be doing some shiz vis a vis hooking up the TV to the mirror to your brain, DJ Dantronix will be spinning, and there will be prizes. Which, crickets mutter, might be as awesome as a $100 gift certificate to any Bruce Carey restaurant, or the sheer pleasure of watching the Oscars in the company of yours truly. That's right: Eater's official Oscar viewing will be happening over buckets of pork belly udon, Korean short ribs, and eyefuls of Chef Gregory Gourdet. Join in.


214 Southwest Broadway, , OR 97205 (503) 241-3393 Visit Website

214 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97205