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Madhur Jaffrey Hosting Dinner at Saucebox; Ten Tickets Newly Available

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Just this second confirmed after lengthy negotiations earlier this afternoon comes the hot-off-the-'box news that Bruce Carey and Joe Rogers' downtown restaurant Saucebox will be hosting the IACP dinner on Friday, April 23rd, at 8pm. With guest host Madhur Jaffrey appearing and Gregory Gourdet, right, cooking "seasonal Northwest fish and seafood in modern Pacific-Rim preparation" (you know you want dinner cooked by those, uh, triceps), it's sure to be a doozy, if not a cluster[redacted]. And, word is, they just bumped it up into the fancy dining room and added ten more seats to the formerly thirty-five person (and sold out) dinner. Consider this your official $90 chance to get some jewelry advice, sorry, mohawk help, sorry, marathon assistance, sorry, meant to write: really good salmon.
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214 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97205