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Steve's Cheese Bar Now Open, Selling Cheese

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Last week, Steve Jones, formerly of northwest's Steve's Cheese and currently, just recently, of Cheese Bar (eeps, foreshadowing!) in southeast, opened Cheese Bar. Queries for comment aka spurious questions aka rumormongering attempts are in with the cheesemonger, but in the meantime, Under the Table With Jen has a lovely little run-through of the 60th and Belmont store. Word is beer and wine are arriving tomorrow, but from what Jen's been rustling up and photographing, anything additional doesn't seem all that necessary. Some highlights:

The narrow, neat-as-a-pin shop has cheese and charcuterie cases, a short bar, and a few tables that will likely be hard to come by when word gets out.

In the back of the store, you’ll find an array of picnic and pantry fodder, like fancy crackers, organic dried persimmons, various nuts, olives in their pressed and unpressed states, vinegars, dried pasta, sardines, and chocolate. As you can see, there is but one Xocolatl de Davíd Raleigh bar. I left it for you. You’re welcome. You can also stock up on fondue pots and cheese boards.

And then, either intentionally salacious or unintentionally hilarious, there's this:
If you haven’t yet tasted super cute Olympic Provisions Meatman Elias Cairo’s charcuterie, well, I just feel awful for you. You should definitely buy a chub or two.
Ahem! (What she's having, please.)
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Image of Cheese Bar courtesy Under the Table With Jen

Cheese Bar

2925 Ingersoll Avenue, , IA 50312 (515) 277-7828 Visit Website

6031 SE Belmont, Portland, OR 97215