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Cookie Monsters

lovejoycookie.jpgMaking memes out of molehills is the brand-new site Men Eating Cookies. As the anonymous authors say, "It’s high time for a new food meme." Say why now? "We’ve witnessed the bacon stronghold, cupcake mania, and an entire blog dedicated to food that makes people fat. Now it’s time for cookies, and the men who eat them." With that, keep an eye out for Bunk's Tommy Habetz chasing a meatball with Lovejoy Bakers' triple chocolate cookie. Or Paley's Place chef/owner Vitaly Paley rocking a northwest Ken's Artisan Bakery chocolate chip. Or Chris Israel taking a break from Gruner to go utterly house on a Pearl Bakery peanut butter. Appeal all starts to make sense now, don't it. [Men Eating Cookies]