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Moby Releases Vegan-Friendly Book

The New Press today releases Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety, a book edited by, the publishers say, "the world's most famous vegan," also known as the musician who rocked the Crystal Ballroom back in October, also known as Moby. Let's hear what he has to say about it:

today is the release date of 'gristle', a book that my friend miyun park and i have edited for the new press. the chapters in 'gristle' were written by different experts about the consequences and ramifications
of animal production(like, for example: 24% of climate change is the result of commercial animal production, more than every car, bus, truck, boat, and plane on the planet combined...)

it's a great book (i can say this objectively, as i didn't actually write any of the chapters...), and i hope that you get the chance to read it.

Moby and co-editor Miyun Park will be in town, speaking March 27th at Powells from 4-6pm. Grant Butler, we'll save you a #goingvegan seat.
·Gristle [The New Press]