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Davis Street Tavern To Be Featured on Chef vs City

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Just in, the news that downtown's Davis Street Tavern will be sending chef/owner Gabriel Kapustka, right, and chef Ryan McMullan to the wolves, i.e. the Food Network. The two will be representing Portland in the channel's second season of Chef vs. City. From Davis Street Tavern co-owner Christopher Handford:

No word on what the challenges may be but the chefs are starting to prepare by eating many a Voodoo Vegan Maple Bar. It's less a study on how well the chefs can cook and more how much culinary pain can be tolerated. Imagine Food Network's version of ABC's Amazing Race.
How thrilled are they?
We'd rather take on Bobby Flay on a Macaroni and Cheese Throw Down or go up against an Iron Chef - Battle Dungeness Crab.
But still:
No matter, we'll make Portland proud.
Hmmm. Portland. Culinary pain. Thoughts? We'll throw down three triple chocolate penetrations, chased by a slappy cake. Got one better? Commentatorize that cephalopod.
·Davis Street Tavern [Official Site]
·Chef vs City [Official Site]
Image of Gabriel Kapustka courtesy Chef Crush

Davis Street Tavern

500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209 503 505 5050

500 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209