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Pizza Party

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depokos%20oven.jpgEater Co-Mascot Nick A. Zukin goes on a pizza cart pizza crawl with Adam Lindsley of This is Pizza, hilarity and/or servicey helpfulness abounds. The two tried three carts--the new-ish Pyro Pizza (sister cart to downtown's Give Pizza A Chance) at the 12th and Hawthorne late-night party cart pod, Wy'east Pizza way out on 50th and Powell, and Pizza DePokos at the Refuel North Station Food Pod at Greeley and Killingsworth--and liked, really loved, and really liked them. Wy'east takes top billing thanks to the Apizza Scholls-trained pizzaiolo, Squish, and his cheese-embracing approach; Pizza DePokos is "a damn good pizza"; and Pyro Pizza is on its way to being awesome and particularly so for being available at 3am. [ExtraMSG]

Apizza Scholls

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