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Daniel Mondok Moving Into Former Carlyle Space?

Image of Daniel Mondok courtesy Flickr

After a fiery set-back and many months of looking for just the right space (as well as flipping thousands of burgers at his super busy Foster Burger) it looks like Chef Daniel Mondok might be finally moving his super-expensive Hawthorne haunt, the restaurant formerly known as Sel Gris (he's changing its name), into a space he is very familiar with: the former Carlyle. This is a significant bit of news and serendipity as it was the Carlyle where Mondok first developed a local name for himself before eventually opening Sel Gris, Willamette Week's Restaurant of the Year 2008. Mondok and his partners will have a better idea if this will actually happen by the end of the week, but it if all goes according to plan it looks this chef will have the chance to go home again, or at least cook in its kitchen. Developing.
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1632 Northwest Thurman, Portland, OR 97209