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Genoa Dinner Celebrates IACP Awards and it's a Deal

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While naturally much of next week's conference for the International Association of Culinary Professionals is for professionals, the regular eating public isn't completely shut out of the chef-celeb spotting action. The newly revived Genoa, with former Vindalho chef David Anderson firmly manning the helm, is offering a special meal for post-IACP awards ceremony dining. The four courses cost $45 (normally dinner at Portland's seminal gourmet outpost is $55).
What: Genoa Celebrates IACP Awards Dinner
When/Where: reservations taken from 5 pm to 10 pm Thursday, April 22, Genoa, 2832 SE Belmont St.
Cost/Reservations: $45. Call 503-238-1464.
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“The Italian Riviera”
Menu for April 22nd

First course

Burrida: a light yet rich soup of Pacific rock fish simmered aromatic vegetables, white wine, saffron and tomatoes. The soup is passed through a sieve and served with fried croutons and Ligurian oil

Pasta course:

Corzetti con Salsa Noci: traditional hand stamped pasta “coins” served with a savory walnut pesto and wilted Gathering Together Farms mustard greens. In Genoa, the Corzetti stamp carries the family crest and is passed down from generation to generation.

Main Course: choice of one of the following

Merluzzo: Alaskan black cod poached in olive oil and served with a potato and sorrel gratin, glazed carrots and a black olive tapenade.
Petti di Fagiono: pan roasted pheasant breast served with a medley of spring vegetables including fiddlehead ferns, baby turnips spring onions, morel mushrooms and English peas.
Arossto di Angello: roasted leg of Oregon lamb served with a ragout of heirloom white beans and artichoke hearts. Topped with the roasting jus and a gremolata of parsley, mint, pine nuts and green garlic.

Dessert Course
Dolci: a choice from a selection of our favorite desserts, including an extravagant Torta di Cimabue, creamy lemon zuccotto, pine nut and olive oil cake with a citrus salad, and a decadent chocolate soufflé.


2800 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR 97214 Visit Website

2832 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR, 97214