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New FOODday Editor Wants Everyone to Cook; Going Vegan with Lasagna

Longtime assistant food editor Katherine Miller introduced herself as the editor of FOODday yesterday (replacing Martha Holmberg who will still edit Mix, the O’s monthly glossy contribution to food porn). While acknowledging that the newspaper's staff has shrunk—that's putting it mildly—she promises to try to reach all of the Tuesday supplement's readers in every issue.

For some of you, money is critical; for others, it's more about health, animal welfare or the environment. Some cooks want to get in and out of the kitchen fast, others like a challenge (yes, like kouign aman) and are happy to putter over a recipe for hours. Some of you hunger for a taste of your childhood (Jell-O poke cake anyone?), others crave the next new thing (insert latest coffee brewing method here).
But inquiring minds want to know, whatever happened to Phoebe and Lulu? For several months in 2008 and 09, Miller chronicled the life (and death!) of her egg-laying brood. But no word since last March from Chick Talk, the Oregonian’s poultry-pet blog. Raccoons? Coyotes? Egg allergy?

This week's FOODday also featured the launch of Grant Butler's adventures with plants column, "Going Vegan," amusingly placed right beneath an article by Butler about loving lasagna (he does include a recipe for cheese-free layered pasta made with mashed lima beans). Butler (above, sniffing vegan wine) initially went all plants, all the time as a month-long media stunt, but he liked it [health benefits, weight loss, cooking challenge, undying adulation of vegan community] so much, it stuck. Can't wait to see how he manages to keep to this diet while food writing.
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