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NYT Says Kenny and Zuke’s Saving Pastrami

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In "Can This Sandwich Be Saved?" in today’s New York Times Dining section, Julia Moskin bemoans the decline of the traditional Jewish deli but finds matzo hope in a handful of new delis including downtown Portland’s Kenny and Zuke’s Delicatessen. Moskin specifically calls out co-owning (with Nick Zukin) meat master Ken Gordon for his intense commitment to pastrami and it’s no wonder given what's going on in his bedroom.

“I have a dream of a multiplicity of pastramis,” said Ken Gordon?.“A hundred delis, with a hundred different recipes,” he said. “That’s how it is for pizza — why not pastrami?”
One fact you may wish you didn’t learn—unless you’re planning to convert to vegetarianism—is that piece of meat pastrami typically comes from is called “the navel.” TMI.
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1038 SW Stark St., Portland, Oregon, 97205