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Update: Pitxi Opens April 9

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The Mercury's effervescent food scribe Patrick Alan Coleman delivers the scoop Portland's new Pitxi (not to be confused with a certain Royal We-obsessed shopping and entertainment guide). PixtiPitxi opens tonight next Friday, April 9, in St. Johns in the space formerly known as Encanto (a Santa Fe-inspired spot that never quick clicked) and Cafe Cubano (also not a big hit). Coleman reprints florid descriptions (sent by chef Edward Martinez) of the opening night menu, which ranges from rhubarb and almond delight to the pictured "Life Cycle of a Quail" (one helpful Merc commenter links to the unappetizing "Quail: Factory Farming's Smallest Victim"). Pitxi used to be in Sandy and you've got to feel for the foodie folk out there who now have only Joe's Donuts as a claim to fame. But Coleman says their loss is Portland's gain. He's "enthralled."
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5225 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR, 97203