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Merc's Mirk's Taco Bell Solution For Hungry, Homeless

OMG! Mercury news reporter Sarah Mirk, in a Blogtown post, has finally found the solution to ending the hunger crisis in Portland. Feed everyone Taco Bell. More specifically, all the free Taco Bell Chalupas given out in the thousands at every Blazers home game whenever the team reaches 100 points. Mirk recently witnessed the spectacle of what happens whenever the Blazers reach that "magic number" (the crowd goes apeshit) and suggests that, instead of using the coupon handed out at the end of the game, we hand a nice, hot, and most importantly, free Chalupa (which she calls a "bastard taco") over to homeless folks. Says Mirk: "Why doesn't a homeless group set up shop outside the Rose Quarter every Blazers game and rake in the free Chalupas, since there are probably thousands of people like me who grab a coupon and then don't really want it? The coupons don't expire for a year, a homeless group could hand them out en-masse to hungry people and Portland's homeless would have a few more pounds of seasoned beef in their stomachs every year." Now that she's solved that "problem," perhaps she could take a crack at that pesky economic crisis.
·What About a Chalupa Soup Kitchen?[Portland Mercury]