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Food for Dogs at Seres

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Um, a Chinese restaurant is offering a menu for dogs. No joke required. Though is it a coincidence that Seres, the 8-year-old spot serving doggie dinners also has a prominent blog post about the Multnomah County Health Inspector being a customer? Hmm. While Seres is now promoting itself as tailor-made for the Pearl (sustainable, pet-friendly, lots of see-and-be-seen windows), it's had a confusing history. It was called Sungari Pearl until two years ago, and was regularly confused with the downtown Sungari (which recently reinvented itself as DragonWell Asian Bistro), much to the dismay of the respective owners who went to great lengths to emphasize that they were NOT the same. Anyone got the dirt?
Seres Restaurant

1105 NW Lovejoy St., Portland, Oregon, 97209