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Guest Editors Required; Apply Within

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This here site needs a few more cooks to help keep it at its usual frenzied boiling point while editor Eva Hagberg, currently typing with her left index finger, recovers from a twice-broken right arm. (Note to self: just because it looks like Patrick Alan Coleman is no reason to bike chase so fast that you hit a six-inch pothole and fly seven feet over handlebars.) For the last two weeks, things have been in the hands of regular contributor Byron Beck and, as of this week, writer Audrey van Buskirk has been stepping into the ring. But the monster is hungry, and the blog wants more. Previous blogging experience desired, a knowledge of Portland's restaurant scene required, and a willingness to openly obsess over Gregory Gourdet's marathony muscles will get you far. Send intro, links, cheesecake (literal and metaphorical) shots to No resumes please.