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PDX Desserts to Blow Your Mind

Dude, did you ever look at your dessert? I mean, really look at your dessert? Portland's chefs and pastry chefs have been coming up with some really trippy treats, lately. Under the Table with Jen reports on a chocolate pile of dirt, the handiwork of Matt Lightner, Castagna's white-hot young chef:

The Chocolate resembled a Neopolitan-hued anthill, the mound of sandy dark chocolate, ivory, and scarlet crumbs concealing rich nuggets of truffle filled with earthy beet, sweet carrot, and buttery cardamom creams.
Meanwhile, the hot new pastry chef at Fenouil, Kristen D. Murray, recently served a baked Alaska that had ice cream infused with hops, marshmallow flavored with beer, and bitter chicory scattered around. And over at Park Kitchen they're grokking on a rhubarb soup with warm cream of wheat. Intense.
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Image of Chocolate courtesy Under the Table with Jean

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