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Happy Hour huh?

Image of Urban Farmer courtesy <a href="http://happyhourhoneys.blogspot.com/2009/10/portland-urban-farmer.html">Happy Hour Honeys</a>
Image of Urban Farmer courtesy Happy Hour Honeys

Oregon's strange happy hour rules just got more lax, and more confusing. It used to be, you were not allowed to advertise happy hour outside the establishment. Not no way, not no how. No sandwich boards, banners or internet ads. Not even voicemail messages. No sneaky switcheroos like calling it "hour of happiness" or "mood elevation time" either. Happy hour food ads were OK, but you had to specifically mention food. Now you can advertise drink specials, but if you do, you can't advertise the happy hour's hours. Or if you advertise the hours, you can't advertise the drink specials. Bar owners said they would be celebrating the change, but they didn't say when, or how much.
·OLCC Allowing More Happy Hour Pricing [KPTV]