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What Are Shirt Garters?

Image of Sock Garters courtesy <a href="">John Helmer Haberdasher</a>
Image of Sock Garters courtesy John Helmer Haberdasher

In his Ask Tom discussion forum, Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema drops the name of a Portland purveyor, but this is not a purveyor of food. It’s a supplier of shirt garters. Apparently waiters and bartenders in D.C. have caught on to a novel device that serves double duty, keeping your tucked-in shirt from puffing out and your socks from slouching. Where, you are no doubt asking, can I purchase this amazing product? At Portland’s venerable John Helmer Haberdasher, along with such handy and elegant products of yesteryear as collar stays, driving gloves and spats. Also in the same segment, some talk about Eater.
·Ask Tom: New York dining, gracious service in Washington, the Eater expose and shirt garters [Washington Post]