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Eugene Has Mojo, Will Have Voodoo Doughnut

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First a Sarah Palin visit, and now this. Eugene, Oregon, will receive the mark of the Voodoo in May when the world-famous Voodoo Doughnut opens its first non-Portland location. Owners Tres Shannon and Cat Daddy Pogson have chosen a spot near Kesey Plaza. The Eugene Register-Guard says

They took a look at Eugene "because we just wanted to get out of the Portland market a bit," Pogson said. "We started checking it out, and we thought it had good vibes down there. Silly as it is, we think the location we've found has the mojo. It's in the 'drinking district,' it's near the University of Oregon, and in summer there's a lot going on, with the Country Fair, music, art exhibits, lots of activities."
So college students like doughnuts? More shockingly, the article also reveals that Tres Shannon's real first name is Richard.
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Image of Dirty Snowball courtesy Voodoo Doughnut