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Goodbye Half & Half, Hello Apex and Distillery Row

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The name of the Mercury's restaurant column, Last Supper, makes more sense than usual this week as Patrick Alan Coleman writes a eulogy instead of a review. The loved one is downtown coffeeshop Half and Half, which will close April 30 after ten years. Coleman writes that along with coffee and pie,

The Half and Half also offered pre-bumper-sticker Portland weirdness. One could always find something fascinating in the space, whether it was the monochromatic meadow mural or odd novelties. It's the kind of quirkiness that's seen less and less in the current slick Portland café zeitgeist.
Meanwhile over at Portland Food and Drink, the indefatigable Cuisine Bonne Femme offers a detailed round-up of Portland’s microdistilleries, with tasting notes and info on Southeast Portland’s Distillery Row. And the Oregonian's beer guy, John Foyston, notes that the Apex bar opened today on Southeast Division.
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