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Info on Public Domain Coffee Filters In

Downtown's Portland Coffee House is the object of a major rebranding, and will reopen as the high-end coffee joint Public Domain on April 30. From Willamette Week:

Portland's largest roaster, Coffee Bean International, which roasts "private label" coffees for large national brands, will open a showcase cafe called Public Domain at the end of April that promises to hit all the buzzwords: micro-lots, seasonal menus, artisan-roasted.
This, despite the fact that they also roast coffee for Target. An operative reports the windows are stylishly papered-over with sheets depicting the cafe's logo -- is it a chess pawn or maybe a Chemex coffeemaker? -- and, visible through the door, boxes, cleaning supplies, and a constellation of dangling spotlights. Public Domain comes as part of a jittery onslaught of new coffee houses geared towards the kind of hardcore coffee geek who prefers an espresso machine to a sports car and wants to know the exact altitude where beans were grown. How many of these people are there, anyway?
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603 Southwest Broadway Portland, OR 97205