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What Reichl, Ruhlman, Farmerie and Severson Are Eating

(Former Next Iron Chef contender Brad Farmerie, shortly after demoing his pig liver creme caramel)

Eater PDX checked back in with Ruth Reichl, as well as author Michael Rulhman, New York City chef (PUBLIC, The Monday Room, Double Crown, Madam Geneva) Brad Farmerie and New York Times writer (and Spoon Fed author) Kim Severson at the IACP book fair. They've been hungry.

Ruth Reichl
I have eaten so much great food here, it's really amazing. Yesterday I went to Garden State, and we went to the Big Egg, and Sterling Coffee: amazing coffee, amazing chocolate. At Garden State he made the most delicious sandwich, it was marinated chicken with this lemon and goat cheese and asparagus, and it was sweet, and savory, and not like anything I've ever tasted before. It was great! Also had a wonderful dinner at Le Pigeon. That carpaccio, I was wild for. And then I had lunch today at (Nong's) Khao Man Gai cart. It was really good! It feels to me like you can hardly eat badly here.

Michael Ruhlman
[I have not eaten] nearly enough! My hotel bar is Pazzo: really nice stuff. Had a really nice charcuterie sandwich: really good bread, really good salamis. And I just came from Andina, the Peruvian restaurant, which was fascinating, and which I loved.

Kim Severson
Today I had really great tacos at Koi. We tried every taco, me and Kamal Mouzawak from Lebanon, who started the farmer's market in Beirut. So he and I split amazing tacos, and they were very good. I tried every single one. Where else did I eat? I ate at my friend's Melissa's house, and she made a beautiful braised beef. And I ate twice at Clyde Common. That was really a nice little respite, and I was so interested in the hamburgers, because the grind was kind of loose but held together - I can't even describe the grind in that hamburger, like how there was room for the sauce to somehow get in the meat. So I asked, 'what's up with these hamburgers?,' and they actually put a little bit of pork in them.

Brad Farmerie
Man, a lot of good food. First night in I had Nostrana, pretty much on my way from the airport, because I wanted to get right into it. Then I went to Pok Pok yesterday, Castagna last night, Koi Fusion for a snack in between. And, then, I can't remember the name of it, but the place that just does chicken rice? (Nong's Khao Man Gai, of course). I've actually eaten that twice.

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Le Pigeon

738 East Burnside Street, , OR 97214 (503) 546-8796 Visit Website

Nong's Khao Man Gai

417 Southwest 13th Avenue, , OR 97205 (503) 208-2402 Visit Website

The Big Egg

4233 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR Visit Website