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Chris Israel Crowned "Cabbage King" by ELLE Mag

"Suddenly, sauerkraut is sexy" — at least, according to the May issue of ELLE Magazine. The lady-fashion-bible (whose newest issue also features winning cover lines like "The 10 Minute Nose Job"), has named fermented cabbage the new food du jour: And it's crowned Grüner's Christopher Israel "the apotheosis of the trend."

Israel (the man-about-town who formerly ran kitchens at Zefiro and Saucebox) has been heading up his new venture, the Alpine-influenced Grüner, since last December, and both he and the restaurant get a sweet glamour shot in the mag. Israel even shares his own sauerkraut recipe with readers: Because why buy when "homemade sauerkraut just tastes way better"?
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