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Perierra Creperie Owner Aims for Game at New "Speakeasy"

Perierra Creperie serves sweet and savory crepes to a late night throng that crowds around the outside of this very "in" food cart located at Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard. Now, owner Dustin Knox (right) wants to serve his customers from the inside out. Sometime late in the summer, Knox plans to open a new Perierra Creperie restaurant in a Southwest Ankeny Street space next to the much-buzzed, but also still yet-to-open Via Tribunali. In anticipation of its opening Knox was asked a few questions regarding his latest venture.

Will it have the same name as the cart?
The space that I'm working on right now is hosted by and named legally "Perierra Creperie"; there will be signage referring to this, as I will have a service window to the street much like the cart. But it will be also known as "Gibier" or "Gibier/game" or something to this effect.

What do you hope to achieve with your vision for the space?
What i hope to achieve in a brunch space is a breakfast that leaves you feeling clean after trying a gamut of flavors. Small tapas style portions of french foods with an emphasis on locally sourced game meats—a small peace of pan fried bison put into an envelope of crepe with two baked eggs on top and dressed with a light gravy, the same thing with a small piece of veal dressed with butter and flashed with a white wine. I'm big into fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, etc...escargot, bone marrow with a baguette, fine French desserts in small portions...this excites me. I don't want it to go the way of stuffy money—i just want to eat like it.

And as for the space itself?
(It) will be about raw materials; things that change with time or patina, things that age gracefully. At night, i would like to create a bit of a secret spot. Perhaps you have to ring a doorbell to get in, and are greeted by a beautiful woman or nicely dressed gentlemen who is more than happy to take yourcoat and hang it for you. You will be served the finest in classic cocktails, for I have made sure to have my favorite bartender in town design the bar menu (Clyde Common's Jonny Ericsen). Late night on the weekends I hope it gets loud; if it gets loud enough, we just push the tables to the side and have a dance party! (I will make sure to have some lasers hidden somewhere. I'm a big fan of the spontaneous dance party). I'm looking to preserve a classic feel while still targeting a 25-35 crowd for the evenings. If the younger ones can keep their drink in their glass/clothes on their bodies, then they're welcome! And if the forty and up crowd can keep up, bring it!

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