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Calling Bullshit 2: Tanuki's Janis Martin on Michael Ruhlman

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Janis Martin's more than happy to call someone a dolt when they are eating in her genius izakaya, so of course she's never shy on Twitter either (her signature hashtag: #befucked). Today the Tanuki chef and self-described objectivist needed more than 140 characters to respond to Michael Rulhman's thoughts on whether people are too busy to cook, which he discussed at IACP (click for video from ExtraMSG) and wrote about today at The Huffington Post.

Seriously? Someone wants to say they are too uneducated/lazy/drug addled/asshurt or artistic to work they get sympathy. Someone is too self-indulgent/lazy/progressive/drug-addled/ or artistic to deal with society's norms, laws and mores they get sympathy. But a working person struggling to balance the needs of their life who says they can't find time to cook homemade meals? Ridicule them! Sir, you have grown too fucking self-satisfied and smug to be believed.(emphasis ours) Which I am sorry to say as I am a cook and enjoy your books.

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