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Diane Morgan To Teach Recipe Writing Course At Art Institute

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Award-winning cookbook author Diane Morgan (her forthcoming Gifts Cooks Love: Recipes for Giving is published in conjunction with Sur La Table) will share her recipe writing intensive workshop at The Art Institute Culinary School on Saturday, May 22. Looking to learn how to turn a "dash of this" and a "pinch of that" from your Mom's favorite recipe into something someone else could actually use, and gulp, might even get published in a cookbook? Says Morgan (with Mother's Lisa Schroeder, right): "This course is designed to enlighten and demystify the art and technical side of recipe writing." Topics to be covered include basic rules of recipe writing, formatting techniques, concisely defining an ingredient list, tailoring a recipe according to a publication’s specifications, and designing recipes that include sub-recipes and multiple steps. In addition, the class will cover writing creative headnotes and recipe titles. Because not just everyone can come up with the genuis phrase that is "Apple Brown Betty." Cost for the program is $130 per person. Registration is limited to 30 participants and can be made at dianemorgancooks.

1122 NW Davis St., Portland, OR 97209