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Por Que No, Gilt Club, Lincoln Dine Out for Life

Image of Por Que No courtesy how_long_it_takes via Flickr

From Gracie's to the Gilt Club, Lauro Kitchen to Kir Wine Bar, Portland restaurants are banding together for the 2nd-annual Dining Out for Life. All day tomorrow (Thursday, April 29), participating restaurants will donate 20-30% of profits to local organizations that are leading the fight against AIDS, including Oregon's HIV Day Center and OSHU Partnership Project. And if you're looking to stretch your edible donation, in some cases, charity begins as early as breakfast. Our dream Dining Out line-up involves a city-wide bike tour: We'll take breakfast downtown at Pazzo, a quick lunch at SE's Por Que No, and dinner at N. Williams' Lincoln. Anything for a good cause.
· Dining Out for Life [Official site]

¿Por qué no? - Hawthorne

4635 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97215 503 954 3138 Visit Website

Kir Wine Bar

22 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232 503-232-3063

Lauro Kitchen

3377 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202 503 239 7000

Gilt Club

306 NW Broadway, Portland, OR 97209 503 222 4458