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PDX Coffee Connoisseurs Rank Beans in Blind Taste Test

Image of Coffeehouse Northwest courtesy Mazarine via Flickr

Coffee snobs, get ready to defend your roasters. In a piece in the May issue of Portland Monthly magazine, intrepid reporter Mike Thelin puts five brand-loyal coffee drinkers on the spot, forcing Coffeehouse Northwest's Adam McGovern, Ten01's Adam Berger, Pix Pâtisserie's Cheryl Wakerhauser, Fenouil's pastry chef Kristen D. Murray and Bunk Bar co-owner Matt Brown to blindly taste-test — then rank — brews by five local favorites (Stumptown included, obvs).

We won't steal the mag's their thunder and post the results here — visit Portland Monthly's official site — but we just have to give a special award to Matt Brown for the best off-the-cuff critique: Starbucks' main tasting notes are “Moldy with a gust of Victorian underskirt.” Brilliant.
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