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A Fond Farewell to Half & Half

It's been a bittersweet day around town: Not only did the Blazers epic fail in last night's playoff game (oops!), but a downtown institution closes its doors after nearly 10 years. Half & Half's last day on earth, as it's epically being billed by co-owners Robin Rosenberg and Jeff Heisler, is operating as "business as usual," according to one barista — but with a few more flashbulbs.

Friends and regulars can pick up their last tastes of the quirky coffeeshop's deviled eggs, William Tell sandwiches, and chocolate-covered-bacon-and-banana-pie until this evening at 6 pm, when the space will be flooded with live music, beer, and lots of tears. Visitors are encouraged to leave their loving feelings in a "memory-and-sentiment" box, to possibly become part of a DIY project later. Thanks a bunch, Robin and Jeff — it's been real.

923 SW Oak St Portland, OR 97205