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Sara Perry Moves to Fridays in "O"

The Oregonian’s Shawn Vitt-less Friday entertainment guide featured a new food column last week — one extremely familiar to local foodies. Prolific cookbook author Sara Perry, whose Taste column has appeared in one form or another in the Sunday Oregonian since long before it even had an “O” section, will now deliver a chef Q&A every other week in the A&E. “I’ll be focusing on people/places in Oregon's food world,” she reports. “Every summer my husband Pete and I take a two-week motorcycle trip around the state. It's great fun for me and a hit with readers because I find some interesting cafes, diners, etc.” And she's happy to take leads. Send them here. She’ll also have a weekly “Small Bites” feature in FoodDAY “alternating between a chef's ‘off-the-top-of-your-head’ recipe with five ingredients or less OR a favorite tool (and why).” Friday's column featured Allen Routt of Newberg’s posh Painted Lady, who offered what may be the strangest answer ever to “what would be your last meal”?

You mean the last meal I ate? Or my last meal ever? Either way: consommé. Good strong, robust, clear broth.

Really? It's almost lights out and you choose broth? But speaking of changes, why can’t the Newhouse empire that owns the Oregonian get its IT people to give freelancers bylines on the web? Everything written by a non-staffer says just “Special to the Oregonian.” Can it really be that hard to fix?
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