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Saint Cupcake on Southeast Belmont Still Closed

Remodeling is a bitch, so it wasn’t a huge shock when Southeast enthusiasts of Saint Cupcake found the door still locked yesterday, despite two weeks of window dressing promising that the shop would reopen on April 6. This Saint Cupcake outlet shares its space with Noun, a vintage-inspired, high-end housewares store and the pairing has been somewhat awkward. Sticky frosting fingers and sugar-highed tots don’t pair well with $40 pieces of fragile glassware. A peek through the window at the remodel in progress revealed that they’ve wisely addressed this by moving the cupcake case to its own space at the front of the shop. According to the shop's blog, they’re shooting to open tomorrow (April 8), but contractors being what they are, don’t bet on it until the weekend. In the meantime, Saint Cupcake's Northwest location (407 NW 17th Ave.) remains opens for sugar cravers.

Saint Cupcake Galore

1138 SW Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97205 503 997 3674 Visit Website

3300 SE Belmont st. Portland, Oregon, 97214