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Merc Loves Foster Burger; A&E Chats Up John Gorham

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There's no restaurant review in today's Oregonian’s A&E section; instead bagel-making scribe Michael C. Zusman interviews Toro Bravo’s John Gorham about staying in shape; taking over a cursed location; and how his new brunch restaurant Tasty n Sons [sic] is a little bit crazy. In the Merc, Patrick Coleman feels about Foster Burger like Tiger Woods feels (felt?) about bowling alley waitresses.

I'm out of my body, floating happily above a pile-up on SE Foster. But this spectacle isn't the aftereffect of a Southeast Portland crash; it's contained between two buns, in a paper-lined plastic basket, on a table at Foster Burger. Cue the rubberneckers.
The burger joint is the joint inspiration of Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker and Daniel Mondok (of the fire-damaged Sel Gris)—is that place ever going to open again? Anyone?
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Foster Burger

5339 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206 503 775 2077 Visit Website

3808 N. Williams Ave., Portland, Oregon, 97212

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