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Sel Gris Version 2.0 Shows Signs of Life. Maybe.

Image of a pre-fire Sel Gris courtesy maggi.m via Flickr

Could the proverbial phoenix finally be rising from the ashes? After a crippling fire, construction/insurance woes, and continually pushed-back re-opening dates (from November '09 to March '10 to this April), there are finally some signs of life at formerly French hotspot Sel Gris. FoodDude reports that a "Coming Soon... FIN" sign is taped to the door at the restaurant's location on SE Hawthorne; what's uncertain is if it will be the site for chef Daniel Mondok's Sel Gris V 2.0 or something entirely different — not only is Mondok keeping busy these days at the continually packed Foster Burger, but the tipster notes the original Sel Gris sign is gone, and rumors still abound that Mondok's looking into the possibility of a new space. On the hopeful end, Sel Gris's (rarely updated) website still lists the opening date as "early this spring." Breaking.
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Foster Burger

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