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Xocolatl de David Wraps Up Golden Ticket to PDX Porkfest

Image of Cacao courtesy MrLunch via Flickr

Portland chocolatier David Briggs seems to have pork on the brain: Not only does the website of his confection company Xocolatl de David have an entire section devoted to the marriage of chocolate and bacon, but his Chicharrón bar — which encases fried pork skins in chocolate — is a glutton's dream. To celebrate the upcoming Cochon 555 pork fest, Briggs is co-opting a classic pop culture contest: One of his Chicharrón bars currently on-shelf at Cacao, The Meadow, Cheese Bar, Cork Wine Shop, or Meat Cheese Bread contains a Golden Ticket good for entrance to this weekend's pig party. Xocolatl confirms that two winners have yet to be found — in the words of Wonka, the suspense is terrible... we hope it'll last.
· Xocolatl de David [Official site]
· Cochon 555 [Official site]

Cheese Bar

2925 Ingersoll Avenue, , IA 50312 (515) 277-7828 Visit Website

Meat Cheese Bread

1406 Southeast Stark Street, , OR 97214 (503) 234-1700 Visit Website

The Meadow

3731 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227 503 288 4633 Visit Website