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Happy American Craft Beer Week! Now Go Get Drunk.

Image of Deschutes Brewpub courtesy ennuidesign via Flickr

Need an excuse to support your local brewer? American Craft Beer Week — not to be confused with the North American Organic Brewers Festival, Oregon Craft Beer Month, or one of the 45 other annual beer-related events in Portland — kicks off today. The event, which un-ironically comes with its own Declaration of Beer Independence, is designed to celebrate small and independent craft brewers — a rarity elsewhere that PDX flaunts in abundance. You undoubtedly already have a favorite brewer to tip your hat to, but if not, downtown's Deschutes Brewery and Lompoc Brewing will each offer a special tap every day of the week; Full Sail Brewery at Riverplace will host a "Meet the Brewer" event at its Portland location tonight.
· American Craft Beer Week [Official site]