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Food Fight (Literally!): Thistle Chef Arrested Post-Cochon

Seriously, folks — maybe y'all are taking this pork thing a little *too* seriously. After Cochon 555's raucous official afterparty at the Davis Street Tavern, Cochon 555 co-founder Brady Lowe and Thistle chef Eric Bechard (formerly of Alberta Street Oyster House and the Oregonian's Rising Star chef of 2006) were both arrested after an altercation outside Portland strip club Magic Garden. (That link, btw, NSFW.)

The reason? An allegedly drunk Bechard was apparently pissed that Lowe allowed non-Portland pigs — including the winning pig from Iowa — into the event. WWeek's Kelly Clarke has the blow-by-blow account, which involves head-butting, pepper spray, and an expertly executed drunk toss by chef Tom Hurley. (Our tipster also claims that police tasers were involved.) Stay classy, Portland!

Update: WWeek reports that Lowe suffered a leg fracture and spent Monday in the hospital as a result of the confrontation. Lovely.
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