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Two New Carts Reimagine the Ice Cream Truck

Image of Scoop courtesy Scoop via Facebook

For the love of God, put down the Choco Taco. A couple new PDX ice cream carts are gearing up for the summery, Mister-Softee season: Scoop Organic Ice Cream, which opened earlier this month at the North Station pod on N. Killingsworth and Greeley, serves up flavors like avocado, triple threat ginger, and oatmeal & brown sugar, and Eater's resident man-about-town Bryon Beck got the — sigh — scoop from owner (and former Portland city planner) Amanda Rhoads:

Ice cream was always the honored dessert in my house growing up. My parents are addicted... we experimented with making our own and had several different ice cream makers on hand should the mood strike. I never thought about making ice cream professionally until I got laid off last year from my position as a long-range planner for the City of Portland... I had always felt that Portland was missing ice cream — for a city that can support two dozen chocolatiers, how can there not be more independent, small-batch ice cream shops?

But ask and you shall receive: After a few opening setbacks, Kevin Bell's Oregon Ice Works, an all-vegan ice cream and Italian ice cart, is scheduled to open this weekend at SE 13th and Lexington. Rumor is that homemade mochi balls are on the menu.
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