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Police Report Describes Post-Cochon Fight, Charges Dropped

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This morning in Bechard vs. Lowe news (in which the head chef of Thistle and Cochon 555 co-founder were arrested after a fight outside an Old Town strip club): The ever-intrepid Kelly Clarke of WWeek has the link to the full police report, which outlines the he-said, he-said in complete detail. But in the event of Bechard fatigue, here's the only line you need to know:


... You're welcome. And in good news for all involved, the Multnomah County DA office has declined to press charges, and Lowe gamely stated in The Oregonian that the incident won't deter him from returning to Portland next year:

"I love Portland," Lowe said. "I don't think this chef should give the city a black eye."

Now — barring any more sordid details (got a tip?) or further use of the word "titties" — let us never speak of it again.
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