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Simpatica/Laurelhurst Market Gang to Open Hawaiian Eatery

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Image of Benjamin Dyer, Jason Owens, and David Kreifels courtesy David Reamer via Facebook

As previously rumored/reported, Benjamin Dyer, the mastermind behind E. Burnside's double-whammy of Simpatica Dining Hall and Laurelhurst Market, will open a Hawaiian-themed restaurant in his familiar 'hood later this year. Ate-Oh-Ate, a riff on Dyer's native Hawaiian area code, has a scheduled opening for August, and will sit pretty in the building that formerly housed the ultimate "Keep Portland Weird" attraction — the Velveteria museum. And according to Dyer's email blast, the menu is all but set:

It’s going to take us a few months to do all the work and open – we’re hoping for August. I think our menu is pretty much done – we just need to finalize a few recipes, tweak a few ideas, but we should be there pretty soon. Here’s the FAQ – yes, we will have Spam (Musubi, of course); yes, we will have Loco Moco; and Shave Ice (not crushed ice – Shave Ice). That’s it for now, that should give you something to mull over. Oh, yeah – East Side!

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Simpatica Dining Hall

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Laurelhurst Market

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