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Provisions's Meaty Mouthfuls, Gorditos's Vegan Vittles

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Image of Olympic Provisions courtesy Under the Table with Jen

Fresh off its Cochon 555 win (and with the Prince of Porc trophy displayed front-and-center), Olympic Provisions garners a B grade from the Oregonian's David Sarasohn, who predictably praises Jason Barwikowski's charcuterie house, though he could do without the menu's seafood options (including the mackerel and pork-bell-and-clam-pairing), thankyouverymuch.

And this week on Colemanwatch, the Portland Mercury's Last Suppist Patrick Alan Coleman declares Los Gorditos's new brick-and-mortar spot "the rarest of beasts: a place where the vegan and the meat eater can dine together and be satisfied." After listing a few missteps, Coleman launches into a loving missive that's spilled out into a philosophical burrito discussion on the Mercury's Blogtown. We'll refrain from that's what she said-ing your question about "your trip down the humongous burrito shaft," Patrick, but just this once. Just this once.
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