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Sweetpea Baking Company Ad Attracts National Anti-Vegan Ire

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Southeast Stark's Sweetpea Baking Company caught some national (Internet) flack after a recent Tweet in search of a barista/counterperson. The reason? The all-vegan bakery — nestled in a vegan mini-mall that also features the Food Fight! grocery — required its prospective employee to also abstain from animal products. Shut Up Foodies started the fracas by posting screen shots of a Facebook thread devoted to the topic; the fine folk at Eater National count the blows from there.

For all the unemployed meat eaters out there, the want ad has since been changed (perhaps due to the online attention?), and the job posting on the bakery's official website politely reads "it would be most wonderful if you are vegan."
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1205 SE Stark St., Portland, OR