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Candidates Wanted: In Search of the Eater 38

Take note, Jacob: Sometimes when you're looking to compile a group of the best —the ones most likely to do a damn good job at whatever you hold most dear — no repetitive numbers, names crossed out in caves, or weird Christian references are necessary.

The Eater38 — our own arbitrarily numbered list of Portland's most essential restaurants — is meant to be a constantly evolving missive that's up for lively debate (or ridicule... or scorn). And wethinks it's definitely ready for an update. The conversation's still flowing on the homepage of PDX's 38 version 1.0, but we're officially collecting a set of candidates — and your debating, ridiculing, and scoring skills are totally wanted. What restaurant's deserving of an in? Who needs to be rotated out? The new list becomes official July 1 (and will be updated at least every few months), but your thoughts are always welcome. Feel free to get the debating going once again in the comments, or send an impassioned plea to our tipline.

Note: We're not above bribery. Especially in the form of food.