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Clyde Common's Chris DiMinno Represents @ James Beards

Image of Clyde Common courtesy intrepidation via Flickr

Happy post-Beard hangover, kids! Though Portland was unfortunately shown no love at last night's awards ceremony, it still put in a strong showing in terms of noshing on NYC's best and post-Awards party hopping (check back in for recaps and interviews throughout the day).

First up: Eater's Christian DeBenedetti caught up with Clyde Common's Chris DiMinno, the only Portland chef to serve at the post-awards gala, while he was working Clyde Common's table. (On the menu: "A stew of lentils, with herbs and guanciale, seared Morteau sausage, and baby greens dressed with guanciale fat and lemon, fleur de sel, and herb oil.")

"I never thought I’d be here," DiMinno said of the Beards.

On why he chose this dish to represent PDX:
"I used to work at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and it’s very Portland, it’s very Clyde Common, and I learned it there. Portland is a very eclectic food city. I feel like there’s a lot more that people are willing to try there, obscure cuts of meat and stuff like that, and you’re really able to do stuff like this on a menu. That’s a lot of what we do at Clyde Common. We use a lot of offal, organ meats..."

On what he did when not prepping:
"We ate at Blue Hill New York, had a great meal. Went to Telepan yesterday, delicious. Went to Fatty Crab last night, had a great cocktail at Little Branch, and of course the Breslin, at the Ace Hotel. So it’s been great."

On Portland not winning:
"It’s unfortunate, but we’re coming back. Portland has a huge food scene, and it’s really up and coming. And next year, I think it’s going to be even bigger than this year. In the semifinals we had what, 13 names? So, next year, we’re going to hit it home."
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