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Vitaly Paley "Seriously Looking" Into Second Restaurant

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Image of Paley's Place courtesy syrahgirl via Tripadvisor

In a piece that ran in yesterday's Oregonian, chef Vitaly Paley — of 15-year-old Portland stalwart Paley's Place — unveiled plans to open a second local restaurant with a focus on seafood.

We have been seriously looking. We looked at the old Zefiro space on Northwest 21st, but there are too many ghosts floating around so that's not in play. But I would love to do a fish house. There's no good seafood place in Portland. And I'd like to come in and show that we do have a bounty from the sea.

Vitaly (along with co-owner Kim Paley) goes on to suggest that the seafood angle might break from his current locavore model. "There are plenty of sustainable items we can explore from around the world," Vitaly says. Wonder what Bamboo Sushi's Kristofor Lofgren would say to that?
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Paley's Place

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