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Recreating Pok Pok in the Kitchen

Image of Pok Pok courtesy eyeliam via Flickr

The May/June issue of Northwest Palate magazine gets James Beard-nominated Andy Ricker to spill some of his recipes from Pok Pok and Whiskey Soda Lounge, including one for Tom Saep Muu — which according to Ricker, features a mix of ingredients that "are not meant to be put in your mouth and chewed up." To re-create his recipe for the spicy Thai beef soup, adventurous home cooks will need normally-not-in-the-pantry ingredients like pork offal and galangal, a ginger-like root: But with a precursory warning like that, how can a foodie say no?
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Whiskey Soda Lounge [PDX]

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