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What the Yarp?! Hawthorne's Yarp?! Food Cart Closes

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Image courtesy Don B. via Yelp

Portland's best unnecessarily punctuated food cart has closed its doors. Portland Food Carts reports that Yarp?!, the veggie-friendly, Italian-influenced cart on SE Hawthorne and 12th, shuttered for good last week. Co-owner Jeremy Frazee wrote earlier this year that the Yarp-ers were facing financial difficulty; he and business partner Chad decided to go separate ways. Says Jeremy on PFC's message boards:

Chad, my previous business partner, is in the process of putting together another food cart, so the Yarp?! legacy will live on, just without its initial creator. The reasons behind our closure were partly financially based, but also because of growing differences between the key players. I don’t need to go into it with any detail, but it we reached a point where our goals were going in different directions. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the food cart culture in Portland and I am taking away a grip of awesome memories, but my health has made it very difficult to continue. Also, I have wracked up considerable personal debt keeping Yarp?! afloat for the past two years and need to focus on getting my finances in order. Much thanks for all the good people who helped Yarp?! become one of the most loved carts in Portland. Keep your eyes out for Chad’s new cart sometime this summer.

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SE 12th and SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR