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Lonesome's Pizza Delivers Pies, Prizes, Tomfoolery 'til 4am

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Hipster pizzamakers attack! The newly opened Lonesome's Pizza, a delivery-only outfit on the East side, does more than deliver pizzas 'til four in the morning, Wednesday through Sunday. Their playful take on the take-out menu includes constantly-rotating pizza names (this month's theme is to imagine dream fight scenarios, spawning names like "Jacques Cousteau vs. that stingray that killed the crocodile guy" for a four-cheese pizza). Per the website:

"When you open your large pizza inside the box you’re going to find a DVD from an independent film maker or a CD from a musician you probably haven’t yet heard of or visual art from an artist we all think’s doing something interesting. The idea here is that we want to bring something pretty into your homes, some art you wouldn’t normally get to see while in your living room. ... When you open your personal pie you’re going to see something really, really stupid. We come up with these ideas while drinking.

But who are these Lonesome Pizza-ers? An Eater operative points out that the company's mailing address is the site of Amanda Felt's Black Sheep Bakery. Can you ID the pizza-man in this blurry Facebook photo? If so, send us a tip.
· Lonesome's Pizza [Official site]

523 NE 19th Street, Portland OR