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Ruby Jewel Scoops Up Brick-and-Mortar Space on Mississippi

Image of Ruby Jewel's farm market debut — five years ago — courtesy Facebook

Talk about a sweet week for ice cream fans: Not only can PDXers get their fix CSA-style this summer, but ice cream sandwich maven Lisa Herlinger-Esco finally has a brick-and-mortar home for her Ruby Jewel treats, according to an Oregonian report. The N. Mississippi spot — just a block away from gourmet salt and chocolate shop The Meadow — will allow guests to build their own ice cream sandwiches from a selection of flavors and cookies; the classic scoop-in-a-(handmade)-cone option will also be available. Tentative opening: this July.
· Ruby Jewel [Official site]

Ruby Jewel Scoops

3713 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97217 503 505 9314 Visit Website

The Meadow

3731 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227 503 288 4633 Visit Website

3713 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland OR